Orlando Depression Counseling

 Depression can seem like a dark hole that is endless and sucks the life out of you.  It can leave you feeling powerless, unable to function even in a normal routines.  It deprives you of your self-esteem, making you tell yourself “if I would just be a better person.”  Depression wants to win the battle for your life, and many times it is a daily struggle. What are some of the causes of Depression?There can be many factors that bring about depression in your life:1.  A chemical imbalance with too little dopamine, serotonin, or other neuroreceptors; typically inherited.2.  Addictions (drugs, alcohol, sex, food) can reset the dopamine receptors in your brain, and continued use of the addiction will be needed just to feel “normal.”3.  Medical traumas such as a surgery or a recent illness.4.  Trauma from childhood.  This could be a single incident or chronic ongoing trauma in the form of physical, mental, or sexual abuse.5.  Single incident trauma as a child or adult such as a natural disaster or car accident.6.  Lack of light stimulation:  Get outside and enjoy the sunlight! This can improve your mood.7.  Thyroid disease.  This will manifest itself in cold hands and feet, tiredness, and a loss of hair (especially the outer eyebrows).8.  Postpartum Depression, even years after the birth.9.  Stress:  housework, financial, kids, and in-laws10.  Dysfunctional Relationships:  husband or friends who are too needy.11.  Hormonal Imbalance in women approaching menopause or thereafter.12.  Spiritual voidDepression can alter your thinking, mood, and nearly every system in your body.  You feel a loss of pleasure in things that used to bring you happiness.   You may be sleeping way too much, or not nearly enough.  You can be sad one minute and screaming at someone you love the next minute, bringing you to a point of hopelessness. In order to raise your mood, you may take pills, drink alcohol, or binge on carbohydrates and tons of sugar.  It is understandable to want immediate relief.  However, relieving depression can take time and effort.Orlando Depression Treatment Options1.  You may need to see a psychiatrist for anti-depressants.  This is for those who have a genetic propensity for depression or recent medical trauma depression.2.  Get into recovery for your addiction(s).  Addictions not only affect your mood, but they can cause great dysfunction to the family unit.3.  See a therapist for trauma work.  Therapists who specialize in EMDR can be very beneficial in helping you reprocess and let go of traumas that are stored in you nervous system. Most people with trauma depression have no idea past hurts can stay with them and be manifested in a very detrimental way in their life.4.  Allow sunlight to hit your skin 10 minutes a day.5.  See a medical doctor, such as an endocrinologist, for a thyroid and hormonal check-up.  Even if your thyroid/hormones are slightly low, this can cause significant depression.6.  Join a yoga class and learn how to meditate and deep breathe for relaxation.7.  Become spiritually attuned.8.  Work on your love relationship and learn effective communication and conflict resolution.9.  Exercise for at least 30 minutes three times a week.  This is a great mood enhancer.10.  Go out with friends and socialize. Don’t isolate (this is depression talking).Realize you are in a battle.  Acknowledge your anger, loneliness and grief.  When your depression tells you “no”, fight back and say “yes”. This is a battle for your life, and you can win with the help of others!