Five Relationship Tips: Lessons Learned from Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods admitting to extra-marital affairs is a reminder that celebrities are people too. Most people think that cheating and affairs happen to other people, but I am sure Elin Woods felt the same way until now. Most people do not know that 60% of men and 40% of women cheat, but there are steps you can take to minimize the risk of an affair from affecting your relationship.

Hollywood to golf courses, cheating will continue to occur and those involved will forever be changed. The questions many people ask: why would such a famous man with a beautiful family risk his reputation for occasional sexual encounters? The answer is not as black and white as it may seem to most people. However, there are a few lessons that we can all learn from Tiger Woods “transgressions” with numerous women.One lesson is whether you are a celebrity or an ordinary person, you will eventually get discovered. Many people try hard to cover up their affairs, however, people get comfortable in their affair and they will eventually slip up and “create an opportunity” to be found out. Another thing that can be learned from Tiger Woods is reexamining where your relationship is today to prevent future hurt and betrayal in your relationship.



1) YOU DO NOT FEEL YOUR SPOUSE UNDERSTANDS YOU.2) THERE IS A LACK OF AFFECTION – SEXUAL AND NON-SEXUAL.3) YOU FEEL EMOTIONALLY DISCONNECTED FROM YOUR SPOUSE.4) YOU ARE MORE LIKE ROOMMATES, HAVE COMPLETELY SEPARATE LIVES.5) YOU DISCUSS MARITAL CHALLENGES WITH SOMEONE OTHER THEN YOUR SPOUSE (IN PARTICULAR THE OPPOSITE SEX).If you selected at least two of the five, you are at risk for an affair damaging your relationship. Many times we work very hard on maintaining our physical appearances or our positions in our jobs. How about maintaining your marriage? If you have discovered that your relationship is at risk, call a marriage counselor today.More Marriage Tips on How to Survive Infidelity, Strengthen your Marriage, Keep your Marriage a Priority with Kids, and more.

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