3 Lessons Learned from Jon & Kate

If you know anything about Jon and Kate, it is probably that they had 8 children together. Now you may think that this is crazy, and indeed it did have a negative effect on their relationship with each other. By all means, it was not the kid’s faults, Jon and Kate simply did not center their lives around what matters the most but instead on their children. You are to take care of your children but they ought not become your everything. As a married couple, you need to be taking care of each other as well. The likelihood that their children will divorce one day has become greater now due to the fact that their own parents divorced. This simply goes back to the fact that the parents are role models to their children. Below are three lessons we can take away from Jon and Kate’s situation.         1) It is important to balance personal needs with the needs of children.Taking care of eight children is definitely not an easy task but nonetheless it is important to keep a balance in one’s life. You also need to make time for each other to ensure that your relationship is not a child-centered one, which can drive any couple apart.        2) Couples must be intentional to stay emotionally connected to each other.Having such a busy life like Jon and Kate can be challenging especially when it comes to time with each other. That is why it is crucial to make time for one another. Otherwise you might become vulnerable to outside distractions or self-interests.       3) Couples need to respect each other with their verbal and non-verbal communication.Know the difference between “sharing” and “dumping”. Be sensitive to your partner’s needs. Learn to see things from the perspective of your partner. Let’s learn from the mistakes of Jon & Kate and take an assessment of the important relationships in our life. If you answer "No" to any of these questions please seek guidance as it's easier to get help before things get out of hand. Be proactive!Are you emotionally connected?Are you being respectful to each other in your communication?Are you balancing your personal needs with the needs of the family? NOTE: You can freely redistribute this resource, electronically or in print, provided you leave the author's contact information below intact.

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