3 Ways To Overcome Election Anger

Your Candidate Didn't Win…How To Get Over It And Move On Without Killing Someone In The Process!

Are you frustrated that your candidate did not win the presidential election? Do you want to scream or flee the country?  Do you know that you can take that energy and respond in a way that helps you move forward regardless of the election outcome?  How about learning how A.R.T. can make a difference in your life and in those around you!

Everyone experiences anger because there are things that happened that we don’t like in life. There are certain expressions of anger that truly are bad for people. Research shows that it can be bad for the cardiovascular system, increase blood pressure, emotional health and for relationships especially if it is not resolved in a productive way.   1.    Acknowledge That You Are Angry.This election has brought out the most passionate emotions for many voters regardless of who they supported in this election!  If a voter’s candidate did not win, they may feel very angry and wonder how the new president will affect their future!  It is very important that whatever the emotion that a voter is feeling be acknowledged.  We cannot deal with what we are feeling in a healthy way if we can’t acknowledge what it is that we are feeling. 2.    Restrain Your Immediate Response.Often times when people are angry, it is easy to forget that sometimes it can be more obvious to others then they would like it to be.  It is easy to take it out at work or with the kids, especially if you are someone that experiences your emotions very intensely!  Anger is a normal emotion and there is nothing wrong with feeling mad.   When you do not immediately respond, this gives you an opportunity to think about how you want to respond in a healthy way (a direct approach or a control manner). 3.    Take Positive Action.What counts is how we handle it (and ourselves) when we’re angry.  This can be a great opportunity to put some of that intense energy into action! You can find an organization or cause in your community that is most important to you and get involved.There will be times throughout life that we can become very passionate and angry when things don’t go our way! On the other hand, there may be times that we have to deal with other people’s anger in our life! This is the very reason that Life Counseling Solutions offers a once a month 8 Hour Anger Management Workshop for the community.  Join us at our  next monthly anger management workshop!   This is great opportunity for you or those around you to learn how to make those intense feelings positively work for you!